Welcome to Northwest Music Publishers ..."Music in the finest choral tradition."

Choir Sheet MusicThe Northwest Music Publishers was founded in 1993 by Dr. Jerry Weseley Harris.

Dr. Harris has had an active career of 37 years teaching at all grade levels, including community choirs.

Dr. Harris has over 850 titles in print by most all of the major music publishing companies. His music is sung by school and church choirs throughout the United States and Europe.

There are three special features about the music catalogue:Church Choir

  1. There is a special emphasis on secular choir music titles.
  2. There is a special emphasis on excellent literature for women's choirs.
  3. There is a special emphasis on presenting beautiful and great literature that is yet accessible to choirs of lesser experience.

Michael Sagun, former owner of Sheet Music Service of Portland, states that Dr. Harris is the most published choral music composer-arranger and editor in the Northwest.